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YouTube Bans Russian Content Globally



YouTube announced on Friday that it will be expanding its ban on Russian state-backed media channels internationally.

The video-sharing platform initially banned the state-linked channels in Europe after the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Several businesses and tech giants including Samsung, Microsoft, Apple, and many more have already halted their operations in Russia given the attacks. The United States and other Western governments have also imposed strict sanctions against Russia.

The platform also added:

In line with that, effective immediately, we are also blocking YouTube channels associated with Russian state-funded media, globally.

YouTube has already barred content related to the conflict including fake information regarding the invasion or false claims that regard the entire operation an ‘effort for peacekeeping’.


However, content that can be considered hate speech is still allowed on the platform if it is ‘educational, artistic or scientific in nature.’

Previously its parent company Google also limited its operations in Russia, such as disabling traffic information and crowd data on Google Maps or halting commercial services like Google Ads, payment functionalities, and monetization on any of its platforms.

President Global Affairs at Google Kent Walker commented that the company had “paused the vast majority of our commercial activities in Russia.” However, free services such as search and YouTube are still operational.

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TikTok planning to launch age-appropriate content restrictions



The restriction will help in stopping adult content from reaching underage users.

To avoid inappropriate content from reaching young users, TikTok is working on ways to rate and restrict content by age, according to the company.

TikTok, which has risen in popularity among teenagers in recent years, announced that it was conducting a limited test to see how adult-rated content could be blocked to reach accounts of younger users, either by the user or their parents/guardians.

The company, which is controlled by Chinese tech giant ByteDance, said it was based on existing content-rating standards for movies and video games.

It stated it would test a feature that would allow content creators to designate whether their content should only be seen by older users.

Since its popularity boom, TikTok has seen a massive surge of content from all genres, which also includes some inappropriate content, and since they have no restrictions, any user can access them.


Social media networks have been criticized for how they handle the safety of their younger audience. US senators have chastised Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, over its plans to launch a children’s version of Instagram.

After leaked internal documents highlighted issues about business research into Instagram’s effects on the mental health of young users, a consortium of state attorneys general launched an investigation into Meta for advertising Instagram to children despite potential dangers.

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