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Freelancing or  working from home has  been  fun and  freedom as  you are  free to do any  work  be it  blogging ,article writing ,content writing ,translation , copy writing  , forum posting , web designing and development .You choose  own  time  ,own hours and  own choice of  work  to do . Thanks  to Internet which has  taken  project management  one place  to  global  workers and  freelancers  belonging to any country can do legitimate  work  and earn their  living  honestly and with the convenience of  working from home  .No company  will  give  you such  relaxation to  work  from  home  .
Freelance Folder  is the  great  site  for  the  Freelancers who are  newbies and  want to build  their capacity through  useful tips and guides of  senior freelancers as  the  senior  freelance  writers and  designers  share  their  life experiences  with  the budding freelancers .
Features :  Freelance Folder  has  regularly  updated  blog , Forum for  sharing the experiences and interacting with the  senior  freelancers  . The  Freelance Folder has also  good  database  of  freelance jobs but it was  not working properly . The  Site has   much more  for  freelancers and start up guide and  eBook unlimited Freelancer.
Upside:  The  Freelance Folder  blog and Startup guide are  working properly and  offer the  latest trends in Freelance World  and contains very useful  resource for  freelancers to avail .
Downside: should  check its  links as  forum chat and Freelance Job-board  was  not working  one  may look down upon the site due  to poor site maintenance.Adjusting the  errors  will  improve its  ranking and  reputation.The Site must  increase  the  number of  writers  by allowing guest posting etc.
Future Trends:  In very  short span  , has  been  growing  at good pace and from its growth it can be analyzed  that  it will be soon in the  list of  good  blogs  such , ,  and provided that  it increases  the number of  writers and adds  some  new  features  such  free books  , free templates and tools  .


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